Ilmac Conference, Day 1: «Latest Advances in (Semi-) Non-targeted Analysis»

Ilmac 2023 | Ilmac Conference, Dr. Arndt Finkelmann

As part of Ilmac Lausanne, the symposium offers insights into non-targeted methods in analytical sciences and their specific applications in food chemistry. Non-targeted analysis (NTA) encompasses a rapidly evolving set of mass spectrometry techniques aimed at characterizing the chemical composition of complex samples, identifying unknown compounds, and/or classifying samples, without prior knowledge regarding the chemical content of the samples.

In recent years non-target-screening has developed from basic research into a promising tool for analytical scientists with a wide range of applications. In the morning session renowned experts show latest advances of these methods in material science, laboratory medicine, water and agricultural research. The afternoon session will focus on specific applications in food chemistry, such as general spectra interpretation, non-target, and semi-non-target contaminant search like PFAS.

The keynote lectures will be held by Oliver Schmidt, Niedersächsiches Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LAVES) and Thomas Letzel, Analytisches Forschungsinstitut für Non-Target Screening GmbH, Augsburg. The Program is completed with six expert talks from industry and academia.

Ilmac 2023 | Ilmac Conference

The symposium is intended for participants from academia, expert laboratories and industry and offers an attractive platform to interact with experts and other community members but also with providers of respective instruments and laboratory infrastructure as part of the Ilmac exhibition.

The lectures and discussions will be held in English.