Thinking Beyond the Plate

At the upcoming Ilmac 2024, not just exciting innovations and sustainable solutions in the life science industry will be presented, but the trade fair itself is increasingly focusing on the implementation of sustainable event practices. Catering in particular has many implications for the environmental impact of an event and has a major leverage effect. For this reason, delicious and more environmentally friendly solutions are being sought together with our catering partner ParisZurich.

Seasonal and regional ingredients

Our catering partner places a clear focus on seasonal and regional products. The preference for local food supports local agriculture and also reduces the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of food. Procurement takes place primarily around the city of Lausanne and the canton of Vaud before products from other parts of Switzerland are included. International goods are only used if not otherwise possible.

A wide range of catering options

At Ilmac we offer a wide range of catering options to meet the needs of different dietary preferences. Vegetarian dishes will be served as the main offer on an equal footing with meat options. They are not seen as mere complements to non-vegetarian dishes, but are just as complete, colorful, fresh and enticing as their meat-based options. This approach promotes a more sustainable and health-conscious dining experience for all participants.

Enjoy more and reduce food waste

To minimize food waste, Ilmac relies on a precisely planned buffet. This measure allows visitors to enjoy a variety of dishes and decide how much they want to consume. The integration of food planning into the ticket sales process supports needs-based preparation and helps to reduce waste. Staff are provided with the remaining meals.

Reusable utensils during preparation & execution

To avoid single-use plastic, our catering partner consistently uses reusable kitchen utensils and cutlery. For about five years now, no disposable plastic has been used in the kitchen, except for cover materials to maintain freshness. All kitchenware and cutlery are made of materials such as porcelain, metal and wood, which are washable and reusable.

Together we are stronger

An additional contribution will be made in cooperation with the exhibitors BWT-Aqua and Semadeni. All participants and exhibitors will have access to fresh water on site, which will be available in BWT dispensers. Free Semadeni bottles made from recycled PET will be provided for personal use and can be taken home if required. If this is not desired, suitable containers will be placed for recyclable disposal.

With these measures, Ilmac is showing the way towards a stronger commitment to sustainability. Want to find out what other initiatives are being implemented at the event? Then visit our sustainability page!