Lab of the Future & Green Lab

A deep dive into the Lab of the Future will include:

  • An immersive experience of a lab of the future using augmented and virtual reality
  • Real-world examples of a structured, connected, integrated, and augmented lab

Join our experts on panel discussions focusing on:

  • Natural language processing
  • Operating models 
  • Data harmonisation & standardisdation
  • Data integration with LIMS and ELNs
  • Tracking and tracing across the supply chain
  • The lab of the future as a sustainable lab

Explore the benefits of a future lab first hand:

  • Reduced manual data handling
  • Data FAIR-ification
  • Higher efficiency thanks to digital automation and streamlining of workflows
  • Optimised asset utilisation
  • Enabling of decision-making and data-driven insights from real-time data
  • Increased R&D productivity
  • Reduction of cost and time

As a partner of Ilmac, Arcondis will provide visitors the special opportunity to immerse themselves in a lab of the future. We will showcase advantages, state-of-the-art technologies and sustainability of a digital integrated lab, which are inspired by our collaborations within the Basel Life Science cluster.

Dr. Sadiya Raja
Consultant, Business Services

Logo Arcondis

eXperience Cube

Experience live and virtually together with Siemens and H. Lüdi:

  • BIM models and real plants
  • Optimized space and asset management with unique user experience
eXperience Cube
eXperience Cube

Green Lab

Green Lab is a cluster of the association Green Building Switzerland. As a non-profit organization, we support the development of sustainable laboratories as an innovation offensive for Switzerland.
The Green Lab Symposium is the only laboratory symposium in Switzerland, for Switzerland. In 2023, the 4th edition of the Green Lab Symposium will take place for the first time during Ilmac.
Keynote speeches will present the current state of research and future perspectives, and interactive panel discussions will address the needs of various stakeholders.
In addition, interactive workshops on specific topics will be offered to facilitate a creative solution-finding process.
The Green Lab Symposium is a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people in Switzerland. The main topics of the 4th Green Lab Symposium will be:

26.09.2023Digitization: new ways in the lab and with the lab
27.09.2023Holistic sustainability: circular economy and maximum operating efficiency – good for the environment and a prerequisite for successful competition
28.09.2023Ideal labs for startups: maximum flexibility and attractiveness with plug & play infrastructure
4th edition for the first time during Ilmac 2023

Switzerland needs an innovation offensive to maintain the excellence and competitiveness of its research and innovation hub. Green Lab has been supporting the development of sustainable laboratories as an innovation offensive for Switzerland for five years. The main event is the Green Lab Symposium that will be held in 2023 as part of Ilmac live in Basel. Ilmac is the largest meeting place for the Swiss chemical and life science industry. So together we can offer the maximum added value for the visitors of the fair and the participants of the symposium.

Jens Feddern
Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Green Lab

Logo Green Lab

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