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Ellab Validation & Monitoring Solutions Hall 7 / B65
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Wireless Environmental Monitoring

Premium, reliable and affordable environmental monitoring with competitive accuracy, cold-chain solutions and radio strength that overcomes most typical applications.

Ellab Validation & Monitoring Solutions Hall 7 / B65

What is Thermal Validation and Why is it so Important?

Charles Nodot, Country Manager at Ellab France and Romandy (CH), was invited by  Paroles d’experts to introduce this interesting topic in a short video!

Ellab Validation & Monitoring Solutions Hall 7 / B65

Keep Your Consumers Safe with Ellab

Ellab provides world-leading validation, monitoring and calibration solutions and services, as well as GMP consulting, to life science and food manufacturing companies across the globe – allowing us to build confidence in consumer safety together.

Ellab Validation & Monitoring Solutions Hall 7 / B65
News & Innovation

Revolutionize your Freeze Drying Process

Ellab’s new innovative and patent-pending TrackSense LyoPro is the ultimate solution for validating the process, temperature mapping the equipment or batch control – and is the ideal solution from pilot to production.

News & Innovation

«ILMAC has enormous potential»

Céline Futterknecht has directed and moved ILMAC, the Swiss industry platform for chemistry and life sciences, since March 1, 2022. Barely in office, the former hotelière-restauratrice sat down with the ChemieXtra editorial team for an exclusive interview to answer some questions.

Microsynth AG Hall 7 / B11

Contract Research at Microsynth

Microsynth has considerable experience running many different research projects for its customers, including the development of new protocols.

PHC Europe B.V. Hall 7 / C20
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Innovative partner for cold chaine storage solutions solutions

PHCBI offers a range of products as ULT freezers, freezers and refrigerators dedicated to the cold chain storage of biological products, from -150°C to +22°C.

AVANTOR Hall 7 / C53
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J.T.Baker® Robotic Tips and Plates

The quality you want for the trusted results you need. Introducing J.T.Baker premium robotic tips and plates for automated liquid-handling systems, manufactured and tested to deliver the reliable results you need to move science forward.

BOLZ Process Technology GmbH Hall 7 / B40
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Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer

Gentle drying at a high level with perfect product quality. The conical screw dryer is a vacuum contact dryer, which is well suited to dry hazardous and toxic products to a very low final moisture content due to its closed design.

Technobis Crystallization Systems B.V. Hall 7 / A64
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Crystal16® - The new industry standard

Improve and accelerate your crystallization research with the new Crystal16® parallel crystallizer, the ultimate tool for research and process development.

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