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LabFinder GmbH Hall 7 / C52
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The Swiss platform for lab supplies

LabFinder revolutionizes the search for suppliers for your lab. Find and contact suitable suppliers with ease in a single step. Save time and optimize your process.

Gilson (Schweiz) AG Hall 7 / C45

New MyPIPETMAN® Pipette Range from Gilson

We will be exhibiting our manual liquid handling instruments, including the newly launched MyPIPETMAN® pipettes and our automated PIPETMAX. As well as PLATEMASTER®, our accurate solution for high-throughput manual pipetting. Pop by our booth to grab a free sample of our AmpliPur® Expert tips to try.

Milian SA Hall 7 / B75

GoGreen products

For several years, the Dominique Dutscher group, of which Milian is a part, has been committed to an environmental approach: reduction and sorting of waste, saving of resources, recycling, choice of environmentally friendly products.

IGZ Instruments AG Hall 7 / B27
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Radleys Mya 4 reaction station with limitless possibilities

The compact 4 zone reaction system Mya 4 from Radleys, offers almost unlimited possibilities; 4 independent zones, with magnetic stirrer and overhead stirrer and a temperature range from -30 °C to 180 °C.

Hamilton Robotics Hall 7 / A441

Entry-Level Automation

Are you thinking about automating your molecular assays but don't know where to start? Take a look at our new eBook: "Entry-Level Automation for Molecular Assays," where we describe everything you need to consider when purchasing your first automated system.

Witec AG - experts in life science products Hall 7 / B50
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Asteria© single-cell RNA-seq kit

A straightforward benchtop workflow for instrument-free barcoded cDNA & intuitive scRNA-seq data interpretation. Accelerate your research thanks to a single-use benchtop kit requiring only basic laboratory techniques.

Genesupport SA Hall 7 / B46
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We have the technology you need

We have a vast choice of services to offer you in term of sequencing technologies and applications. Come to our booth n° B46 to discuss how we can develop your project.

Adolf Kühner AG Hall 7 / B20

Orbital shaken bioreactor for single-use bags SB10-X

The SB10-X is an orbital shaken benchtop bioreactor system for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a single-use bag. It has a working volume from 4 litres up to 12 litres.

Hamilton Robotics Hall 7 / A441
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Microlab VANTAGE - The Next Step in Laboratory Automation

Discover the latest in precision engineering and performance: The Microlab VANTAGE automated liquid handling platform is designed to optimize storage, device integration, and transport space without sacrificing deck space.

Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co.KG Hall 7 / C42
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Cubis® II: The only 100% Configurable Laboratory Balance

With completely configurable hardware, software, and connectivity, Cubis® II offers a high-performance balance that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements.

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