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Spectral Engines GmbH Hall 7 / A56
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Material identification in the field

The wireless, high-performance, portable NIRONE Sensor S near-infrared spectral sensor detects materials - anytime, anywhere. Its durability and robustness make it ideal for use even in challenging environments.

GMP SA Hall 7 / B64

Maximize your fluorescence imaging throughput with Zaber automated microscopes

Automated microscopy delivers high quality data by improving consistency and eliminating the chances of missed steps in imaging protocols. It enables rapid acquisition of data from large areas or many microplate wells. Maximizing imaging throughput improves your productivity, saving you time & money

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Test winner pH-Fix - Comparative Study

In a comparative study for pH test strips, our pH-Fix 0-14 product (REF 92110) emerged as the clear winner.

GMP SA Hall 7 / B64

Fluorescent Detection of DNA

Molecular beacon probes are a sequence of nucleotides that can be used to fluorescently detect the presence of a specific sequence of DNA or RNA. The use of molecular beacons, coupled with a sensitive spectrofluorometer facilitates the measurement of extremely low concentrations of DNA or RNA.

Chemie Brunschwig AG Hall 7 / B23
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medical wire - Transwab® Range

First choice for specimen collection and preanalytical processing for infectious disease. For all your microbiological sampling - from aureus to zoster! Learn more in the video.

Zymo Research Europe GmbH Hall 7 / B24
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Self Collect with SafeCollect™

Cost-Effective Sample Collection for Safe COVID-19 Testing with a User-Friendly Design.

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