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Microsynth AG Hall 7 / B11

Next Generation Sequencing

Microsynth’s broad offering of high-quality next generation sequencing services spans the full range of Illumina sequencing platforms

Microsynth AG Hall 7 / B11
Product Highlight

Ecoli NightSeq

Innovative new Sanger sequencing service in 1.5 ml tubes for plasmids. Drop your E. coli colonies into a Microsynth drop box, receive your result the next day before 2 pm and accelerate your research by one day.

Bruker Switzerland AG Hall 7 / B35

What is the LUMOS II?

In just under four minutes, our product manager Eric Klein explains the features of the LUMOS II. He’ll discuss details that are particularly important in routine operation, from sample handling to measurement with an FPA (focal plane array) detector.

BMG LABTECH GmbH Hall 7 / A62

Enzyme kinetics in microplate format

Pyruvate kinase inhibitor measurements and effortless data analysis using the MARS data analysis software and BMG LABTECH´s new VANTAstar® microplate reader

Milian SA Hall 7 / B75

TreffLab - Always Swiss top quality via Milian

Modern cleanroom production lines, continuous monitoring of product quality and permanent cleanroom inspection and requalification by external experts guarantee Swiss quality at top level.

Microsynth AG Hall 7 / B11

Contract Research at Microsynth

Microsynth has considerable experience running many different research projects for its customers, including the development of new protocols.

BMG LABTECH GmbH Hall 7 / A62

Viability assays in microplates

A comparison of luminescence-, fluorescence-, and absorbance-based assays to determine viable cell counts at BMG LABTECH´s new VANTAstar® microplate reader

Flow Robotics Hall 7 / C31
Product Highlight

User-friendly pipetting robot for labs of all shapes and sizes

This flexible robot helps you achieve e.g., higher throughput, better accuracy, and great working conditions. Advantages: Intuitive user-interface that easily adjusts to your workflow, from delivery to deployment in hours, not days or weeks, integrates easily with external devices.

IGZ Instruments AG Hall 7 / B27
Product Highlight

Osmometers from Advanced Instruments for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector

Advanced Instruments osmometers offer unmatched quality and reliability. All TECH-line products are compliant with EU/US/CN/JP Pharmacopeia, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 and therefore designed for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector.

GMP SA Hall 7 / B64
News & Innovation

High-performance absorbance linearity with the new ST microspectrometer

High-performance absorbance linearity in spectrometers has been limited to complex and expensive instruments. Now, simpler and more accessible spectrometers like Ocean ST are achieving comparable measurement results.

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