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At Ypso-Facto, we are convinced that the future of the life science industries lays in more digitally designed processes. To achieve this transformation, we develop, optimize and secure (bio)chemical processes with a synergistic offer : software tools and consulting services.

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Ypso-Facto proposes a synergistic offer for (bio)chemical processes: consulting services and software tools.

We associate (bio)chemistry, process engineering and software development to help you through all phases of your projects, from brainstorming to scale-up and from route scouting to debottlenecking. We assist our customers with mechanistic modeling and virtual lab complemented by an innovative solution: the GPX Concept.

Our expertise results from the combination of:

  • industrial experience by having developed 100s’ of (bio)chemical processes at renowned companies
  • and scientific expertise with PhDs & engineers from internationally recognized universities.

This expertise allows us to:

  • contribute to preserve the environment by decreasing raw materials and energy consumption for producing the molecules that people need.
  • improve human health, especially through the development of innovative processes that create new drugs
  • help companies to evolve towards efficient digitalization and reach their target performances by making rational decision.

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19 avenue Foch
54000 Nancy

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 Agnès Corbin

Agnès Corbin

Business development - software

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 Fréderic Cheviron

Fréderic Cheviron

Business development - consutling

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