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VTU Group GmbH

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The VTU Group is active in the development and engineering of process plants. The range of services reaches from plant optimization to EPCMv contracts of large investments. The focus is on the sectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and chemistry.

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  • P Planning & Consulting
  • P Planning and consulting
  • P Consultation
  • P Miscellaneous
  • P Cleanroom services
  • P Cleanroom technology

About us

The company was founded in Austria in 1990. Currently around 900 employees are working on projects all over the world. The 28 sites are spread across six European countries – Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania.


Your fully responsible partner
We bring the whole project together into one place and, using our excellent project management skills, manage all phases of planning and construction across a range of trades: 

  • Safety
  • Engineering
  • Controlling
  • Procurement
  • Expediting
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • cGMP-compliant DQ, PQ, IQ, OQ

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VTU Engineering Schweiz AG - Zentrale Schweiz
Tramstrasse 99
4132 Muttenz

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 Hendrik Pantlen

Hendrik Pantlen

Head of Business Development Switzerland

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