VICI AG International

Short description

VICI produces valves, fittings, GC detectors, gas generators, hoses and tubes, gas purification filters, valve actuators, laboratory safety accessories and many other products for chromatographs and other analytical systems as well as gas and liquid handling applications.

About us

VICI - your partner for high quality componentsfor analytical instruments

Founded in 1968, VICI and its associated companies are
leading designers and manufacturers of standard and custom
valves and fittings for precision analytical, biomedical, and
biocompatible instrumentation. Our products can be found in
nearly every national lab, military facility, and university research
department around the globe. For 50 years VICI has driven
the field of chromatography with valves, fittings, detectors,
and instruments for precision analytical, biomedical, and
biocompatible applications. We also customize components
and complete systems to improve chromatographic analyses.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported:

• High pressure liquid chromatography
• Liquid chromatography
• Gas chromatography
• Flow injection analysis
• Supercritical fluid chromatography
• Gas permeation chromatography
• Process gas chromatography

Markets Served:

• Pharmaceutical
• Chemistry
• Environmental protection
• Food and beverage
• Petrochemical
• Medical
• Cosmetic
• Aerospace

VICI produces a complete line of valves for analytical chemistry.
The company specializes in zero dead volume fittings and filters
for the separation sciences. The original manufacturers of the
pulse discharge detector (PDD), the miniPDD consumes less
than one-fifth the amount of helium required by the PDDs used
on complete GC systems. The VICI Metronics division produces
PEEK, FEP, PFA, and ETFE tubing, ambient temperature gas
purifiers, ValcoBond GC capillary columns, and Dynacal gas
calibration standards. VICI Precision Sampling manufactures
analytical quality syringes, sampling probes, as well as standard
and custom formed stainless and special alloy tubing. VICI
AG International produces some Valco products as well as the
Jour line of HPLC fittings and lab safety products. VICI DBS
specializes in the production of laboratory hydrogen, nitrogen,
and zero air gas generators. The newest products include
the C82 line of UHPLC valves, fittings that permit a direct
connection of 360-μm tubing, the universal valve actuator, and
the C52 platform integrated HPLC injectors and selectors.
Markets Served
With over 150 state-of-the-art CNC machines, VICI’s
instruments and components are manufactured to exacting
standards at facilities in Schenkon, Switzerland, and
Houston, USA. Other manufacturing facilities include VICI
Metronics in Washington, USA, VICI Precision Sampling
in Louisiana, USA, and VICI DBS located in Italy. VICI
Canada operates from its offices in Brockville, Ontario.