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Transmetra sells since over 25 years sensors (force, torque, weight, temperature) and measuring technology (official FLUKE distributor). At the exhibition we present live the revolutionary Fluke ii900 / ii910 acoustic imager to detect leaks on compressed air, vacuum, gas and steam systems

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Transmetra supplies solutions and products for measuring thermal, electrical and mechanical quantities such as force, pressure, tension, weight, torque, temperature, comprehensive advice and system component selection for your project.We deliver the entire measuring chain with measuring amplifier, sensors and display for measured values ​​on request . Our range of measuring devices includes thermal imaging cameras, early fire detection systems, power, energy, network analysis measuring devices and much more. In addition to high-quality products, we offer our customers top advice, and the rental of measuring devices complements our range of services. We offer seminars and coaching for electrical and building thermography, energy optimization, power quality (harmonics, transients, voltage fluctuations) and device training (FLUKE measuring devices), our certified thermograph ISO 9712 level 2 electrical performs thermography inspections on electrical systems and helps you build your valuable infrastructure and protect investment.

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Winterthurerstr. 702
8247 Flurlingen

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 Markus Treichler

Markus Treichler

Cunsoltant, Sales and Coaching

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