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Sysmex is recognised at home and abroad as a synonym for innovation and reliability. Sysmex Suisse AG works closely and in partnership with its customers to achieve long-term economic added value for them in the laboratory.

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  • P All Products Quality Assurance
  • P Quality assurance
  • P Planning & Consulting
  • P Planning and consulting
  • P Consultation
  • P Miscellaneous
  • P Analytics
  • P Analytics / Diagnostic
  • P Diagnostics
  • P Miscellaneous Products Analytics/Diagnostics
  • P Cleanroom construction
  • P Cleanroom technology
  • P Cleanroom services
  • P Consumables
  • P Miscellaneous products Cleanroom technology
  • P Other products
  • P Measurement and control
  • P Maintenance/Industrial
  • P Maintenance / Industrie Services

About us

Every laboratory is unique in its structure, processes and working methods, just like the people who do their work there. With our broad and platform-independent product range and our many years of know-how, we are the right contact when it comes to individual solutions. Together with you, we create a concept in which we act as a system provider and combine all the components and proverbial cogs into a great whole. We are there to support you personally in your business activities. After successful installation, the work is far from done for us, because even then we are there to assist you with adjustments, additional challenges and services, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Competent, reliable and personal.

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Sysmex Suisse AG
Tödistrasse 50
8810 Horgen

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 Marcel Staebler

Marcel Staebler

Area Sales Manager german-speaking Switzerland

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 Sébastien Glauser

Sébastien Glauser

Area Sales Manager french-speaking Switzerland

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