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Stago is an international, private and independent company founded in France in 1945 and active in the in vitro diagnostics industry. Stago's expertise in research in hemostasis and thrombosis is recognized worldwide.

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With a staff close to 2,500 and the most advanced technologies, Stago formulates, manufactures and markets worldwide, the broadest range of reagents and analytical instruments in haemostasis. Stago devotes its research and innovative skills to the development of increasingly effective medical diagnostic products and instrumentation. 

Because we are committed to a better understanding of haemostasis and thrombosis, Stago's creativity, supported by a team of specialized researchers, results in a range of reagents and instruments which just keeps getting better. This involves constant leading-edge research as well as the improvement of existing kits. 

Thanks to a wide international network of distributors and affiliates, Stago is represented in more than 110 countries. Without exception, each distributor is chosen according to strict criteria regarding the performance of its team, its capabilities in after-sales services, and its commitment to knowing and promoting the Stago line. 

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Stago CH S.A.
Sägereistrasse 20,
CH-8152 Glattbrugg

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