Solid Solutions en Identification SA

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Solid Solutions en Identification SA offer a range of services dedicated to optimise your supply chain and labatory life. We are traceability experts, digital transformers and pioneers in new identification technologies.

About us

Solid Solutions en Identification SA is an experts in traceability; we help you optimize your processes, comply with regulations and increase production. 

A dedicated consulting team, software developers and hardware specialists assist throughout your digital transformation journey. We are your partner from the beginning, identifying your needs, developing the solution and the implementation and support.

With more than 20 years of experience, we evolve with the market and technologies, to be a leader today in traceability. All our softwares are developed inhouse in Switzerland and we work with leadings hardware manufacturer to offer best in class solutions. Proud to be part of the “swiss made software” we support our worldwide clients, being there where we are needed.

Our identification and traceability solutions integrate all new technologies such as RFID (UHF HF/NFC), blockchain, 1D/2D codes or image-based identification and our softwares are designed with the latest know-how.

Do not hesitate to come and see us at Hall 1 / E183 or contact us beforehand to exchange.

The Solid team