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Snel AG (Herrli)

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Competence in stainless steel: High quality tubes and fittings in stainless steel for food and pharma industrie, biotech and medtech. Top notch fabrication of customer specific solutions for laboratory, construction and electronical industry.

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  • P All Products Process Technology
  • P Process technology
  • P Miscellaneous products Cleanroom technology
  • P Cleanroom technology
  • P Maintenance/Industrial
  • P Maintenance / Industrie Services
  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S AD 2000
  • S 3A sanitary standard
  • S FDA
  • S ATEX
  • S PED 2014/68/EU

About us

Established in 1903, Snel AG (Herrli) is since 1969 a member of the Neumo-Ehrenberg-Group, a diversified multinational organisation, headquartered in Germany. We are a leading stockholder and manufacturer of stainless steel pipes and fittings as well as customized products for all applications in food processing and pharma industry, as well as biotech and medtech products.

Our quality-management-system according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 stands for the absolute conformity of our products with the customer requirements and all applicable laws and prescriptions. Thanks to TÜV/SVTI authorizations acc. to ISO 3834-3 for rebranding and pressure vessels our products and manufacturing processes are fully traceable and reflect the latest technology. 

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75438 Knittlingen

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 Michel Saner

Michel Saner


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