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La Revue POLYTECHNIQUE (Polymedia SA)

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More than 120 years at the service of businesses!

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  • P Solutions for continuous production
  • P Process technology
  • P All Products Process Technology
  • P All products Preperative Techniques
  • P Preparative techniques
  • P Analytics
  • P Analytics / Diagnostic
  • P Diagnostics
  • P Miscellaneous Products Analytics/Diagnostics
  • P 3D Printing
  • P Speciality chemistry
  • P Additives
  • P Miscellaneous Chemicals
  • P Cleanroom construction
  • P Cleanroom technology
  • P Cleanroom services
  • P Consumables
  • P Miscellaneous products Cleanroom technology
  • P All Products Logistics
  • P Logistics
  • P Maintenance/Industrial
  • P Maintenance / Industrie Services
  • P Industry Services
  • P Other Products
  • P All products Occupational safety
  • P Occupational safety
  • P Training and education
  • P Education and training
  • P Continuing education
  • P Other education and training

About us

Founded in 1898, the Revue POLYTECHNIQUE publishes multi-purpose, current and concrete technical and scientific information for all those involved in technology and applied sciences. Particularly appreciated by company managers and buyers who wish to broaden their knowledge, this indispensable journal circulates even in workshops and universities.

The Revue POLYTECHNIQUE has a monthly circulation of 2500 copies.
Every month, its 8,000 readers in Switzerland and around the world place their trust in the editorial reputation of the magazine, which has proven its worth over more than a century.

This publication, which is among the most widely read technical journals in Switzerland, offers the best market penetration in French-speaking Switzerland for advertisers wishing to give their advertisements the best chances of being seen and read.

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