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pixon engineering AG

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pixon is your engineering partner. We are specialised in the realisation of pharmaceutical processes and facilities within a regulated GMP environment.

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  • P All Products Quality Assurance
  • P Quality assurance
  • P Planning & Consulting
  • P Planning and consulting
  • P Consultation
  • P Miscellaneous
  • P Cleanroom construction
  • P Cleanroom technology
  • P Cleanroom services
  • P All products Occupational safety
  • P Occupational safety
  • S GMP
  • S DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • S SIA

About us

Your engineering partner for the planning, development and implementation of pharmaceutical processes, buildings and facilities in a GMP regulated environment. The core competence of pixon is to create functional, regulatory compliant and individual solutions for your engineering issues from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare facilities sectors. Thanks to many years of close cooperation with well-known, internationally renowned pharmaceutical groups and pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, pixon is constantly challenged to develop pragmatic as well as cost-effective and 100% GMP-compliant solutions and to implement them together with its customers.

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Büro Visp
Sandstrasse 2
3930 Visp

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 Samy Hischier

Samy Hischier

Responsible for marketing and CQV

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 Reto Brügger

Reto Brügger

Branch manager Basel and managing director GmbH

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 Christoph Schaller

Christoph Schaller

Managing Director

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