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MPI Technologies AG

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Suppliers of hardware and software products in the field of MES, SCADA, HMI and IIoT as well as cleanroom computing systems, computing systems for ML, AI applications and mobile devices for maintenance and pharmaceutical logistics characterise our portfolio.

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About us

Our know-how, the expertise of our partners and our global network enable us to implement every project according to requirements and to provide long-term support throughout the entire life cycle - from the price-optimised, robust solution to the system with the highest quality standards, unique service life and incomparable warranty services.

Focus of our products and services:

  • IIoT SCADA and MES platform
  • HMI systems for clean room environments and general applications
  • Computing systems for AI/ML applications and general computing applications
    Industrial network components
  • LoRaWAN based communication components 

We are a solution-oriented team and distinguish ourselves by our openness and positive attitude. Towards our customers and partners we act in partnership, honestly, obligingly and loyally.

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MPI Technologies AG
5405 Dättwil

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 Swen Widmer

Swen Widmer

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