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MIB GmbH is a leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic Flowmeters for the chemical, medical, hightech OEM and biopharmaceutical market. Our multi-parameter flowmeters cover a wide measuring-range, starting at 300 ml/hour(!) We introduce the first single use flow sensor with integrated calibration data.

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  • P Solutions for continuous production
  • P Process technology
  • P All Products Process Technology
  • P Control
  • P Measurement and control
  • P Measuring
  • S DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • S ATEX

About us

"We breathe flow"
The team of MIB GmbH develops, produces, calibrates and sells the range of Flowmax® ultrasonic flowmeters.
With specific properties and approvals for hightech OEM, chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the plastic instruments are a reliable and affordable solution. 

Our special for ILMAC-customers:

Specifically for the emerging market of Single Use applications, we have developed a variant that is extremely fit-for-purpose.
The Flowmax 242i combines all available knowledge and technologies which we use in the industrial models.
On top of that we calibrate each device which guarantees a state-of-the-art performance.
At the same time, the mechanical design is optimized to minimize the number of disposed items. Only the measuring tube is disposable, all other components are for permanent use.

Our Single Use activities are also highlighted under
Visit booth D194 and find out what the added value can be!

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MIB GmbH Hauptsitz und Fertigung
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 Martin Deutscher

Martin Deutscher

Owner and commercial director

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