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Köttermann Switzerland has been present in Switzerland since 1994 as a sales subsidiary of Köttermann Germany and for 3 years as a part of BLOCK Technology a.s.. Koettermann plans, produces and assembles laboratory equipment made of steel.

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  • P Planning & Consulting
  • P Planning and consulting
  • P Consultation
  • P Miscellaneous
  • P Cleanroom construction
  • P Cleanroom technology
  • P Maintenance/Industrial
  • P Maintenance / Industrie Services
  • P Industry Services
  • P Other Products
  • P All products Occupational safety
  • P Occupational safety

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"We are a total service provider for laboratory projects that put people at the centre. In addition to high-quality steel furniture, safety cabinets and fume cupboards, we offer a comprehensive and sustainable partnership from planning to installation and maintenance."

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Köttermann Schweiz
Kempttalstrasse 111
8308 Illnau

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 Raphael Lanz

Raphael Lanz

General Manager

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