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Since 1922 Hellma is market leader and specialist in optical glass and quartz glass manufacturing for laboratory purposes and optical analysis. Today Hellma is also an independent solution provider for several branches where analytical measurements are needed.

The brands Hellma Analytics and Hellma Solutions stand for assured measurement results in the field of optical analysis. Thanks to the outstanding performance level and consulting expertise, Hellma is the favored partner for manufacturers and end users around the world, especially in the segments laboratory supplies and process analytics.

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) helps you keep an eye on your production and quality control. The key to success is a precise, robust spectroscopic interface through optical immersion probes or measuring cells. Hellma process probes and flow cells are hereby an excellent choice. The probes can be integrated directly into reaction boiler and vessels. The flow cells can be integrated directly into the product stream. By choosing the appropriate measurement method and materials you can tailor the probes or flow cells according to your needs.

In the segment laboratory supplies Hellma Analytics produces a wide range of cuvettes for use in spectroscopy and cytometry. Thanks to their stability, maximum precision and reliability when used for absorbance, fluorescence and Raman measurements, Hellma cuvettes, flow-through cuvettes, reference materials and probes work exceptionally well in a wide range of areas in the lab. We are the world´s leading manufacturer of UV/Vis absorption and fluorescence measurement cuvettes/cells used in devices and systems in analytical technology. Our reference materials for UV/Vis spectrophotometry meet internationally recognized standards (Ph. Eur., USP, DAB, GLP, DIN ISO 9001, ...) and provide the basis for safe and reliable measurement results. Choose from an extensive range of glass filters, liquid filters and filter sets to check your UV/Vis-spectrophotometer.


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