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The platform Life Sciences is dedicated to topics of technology, financing and investment. Our mission: To provide a cross-channel connection between Life Sciences and the knowledge and networks of corporate financing and the capital market.

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Life Sciences is an initiative of Going Public Media, which was founded 1998 and is a part of leading media houses in the topics of financing and investment. Within the context of its cross-channel approach the platform publishes yearly about 40 paper editions and runs three web platforms combined with online-newsletters as well as social-media-appearances.

Additionally the group organises about 15 - increasingly hybrid and virtual - events. 

Life Sciences have been a significant industry and technological focus for GoingPublic for more than 20 years. Since 2014 a separate Life Sciences-Series has been published. The platform is dedicated to the topics of technology, financing and investment. Daily-updated news can be found on our website As a supplement to the offer a biweekly newsletter has been published with LifeSciencesUpdate, containing latest reports, event information u.v.m..

The initiatives within the GoingPublic Media AG connect worlds: Print - Online - Events - Network - Services.

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 Karin Hofelich

Karin Hofelich

Head of Life Sciences

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