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Hochschule für Life Sciences FHNW

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Study and research at the interface between nature, technology, medicine and the environment.

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About us

Based in Muttenz near Basel, the FHNW School of Life Sciences is part of Europe’s largest life sciences centre and lies at the heart of pharmaceutical and medical technology, the chemical industry and environmental and biotechnology. It is here that we train skilled specialists and come up with solutions to the social and economic challenges of tomorrow. We are committed to developing new preventive and therapeutic products and services, improving people’s quality of life and promoting a sustainable attitude to the environment.

We use our industry network to give our students a comprehensive insight into real-life applications during their studies and to help develop our degree programmes further with the help of industry. Together with our partner companies, we conduct application-based research into the most cutting-edge issues facing the life sciences sector. The expertise and experience of our lecturers and researchers with their extensive network and our state-of-the-art infrastructure are the key to our success. 

With our practice-based initial and continuing education and application-based research, we have been playing a pivotal role in further enhancing Northwestern Switzerland as a life sciences centre since the School was founded in 2006.


Range of Initial and Continuing Education 

The FHNW School of Life Sciences offers studies at the interface between nature, technology, medicine and the environment in the FHNW Campus Muttenz near Basel, one of  Europe’s largest life sciences centers .

Bachelor Degree Programme

Our Bachelor in Life Sciences degree programme has an interdisciplinary focus from day one. From chemistry, physics and biology through to medicine and computer sciences, students learn to observe things from the perspective of different fields of study and to find innovative solutions.

Fields of study:

·         Bioanalytics and Cell Biology

·         Chemistry

·         Bioprocess Technology

·         Medical Informatics

·         Medical Technology

·         Pharma Technology

·         Environmental Technology 

 Master Degree

·         Master in Medical Informatics: Learning to apply digital techniques and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

·         Master in Life Sciences with nine Specialisations


Continuing Education 

Our range of courses is geared towards university graduates of any field as well as people with an equivalent qualification who are keen to get involved in modern environmental protection.

For further information please visit our website.

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Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Institut für Chemie und Bioanalytik
Hofackerstrasse 30
CH-4132 Muttenz

Direct Contacts

Professor, Doktor Sebastian Wendeborn

Professor, Doktor Sebastian Wendeborn

Head of Institute Chemistry and Bioanalytics

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