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Dr. Marino Müller AG

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Refractometer, Turbidity, Photometer, Viscosimeter, Raman-Spektrometer (ATEX), Polarimeter, Density, O2 measurement, O3 measurement, many more gas measurements, Handheld Raman, NIR & FTIR for Raw Material ID

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  • P Solutions for continuous production
  • P Process technology
  • P All Products Quality Assurance
  • P Quality assurance
  • P Consultation
  • P Planning and consulting
  • P Analytics
  • P Analytics / Diagnostic
  • P Miscellaneous products Cleanroom technology
  • P Cleanroom technology
  • P Control
  • P Measurement and control
  • P All products Occupational safety
  • P Occupational safety
  • P Measuring
  • S ISO 9001:2015

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Dr. Marino Müller AG
Gewerbestrasse 9
8132 Egg ZH

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 Markus Müller

Markus Müller


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