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Since 1982, we have contributed to the advancement and reliability of intermodal container logistics. We transport reefers and tank containers for shippers, carriers, and freight-forwarders. Our monitoring services allow customers greater insight into their container transport.

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Danser is an independent logistic solutions provider. It is also one of the largest container operators in Europe (inland shipping). Founded in 1982, Danser is a multimodal operator with an annual container volume of more than 1.3 mio TEU. 

Danser connects seaports in the ARA region (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) with the European hinterland. 

Inland waterway logistics is the greenest mode of transport today. Danser plays a pioneering role in improving sustainability. For example, we refitted one of our existing push-tow combinations, the Eiger-Nordwand with a dual fuel powertrain. Eiger-Nordwand is the first and only container barge sailing on LNG (liquefied natural gas). 

GDP Compliance Certificate by DQS

The GDP compliance had been carried out for all transportation services; Terminal handling, storage and transport by inland waterways vessel of teperature-controlled container including continuous temperature monitoring. To ensure the quality and integrity of human medicines during transport, Danser has launched a premium refrigerated product on the market. GDP-compliant Reeer Solutions can be offered via the port of Basel (CH) and Weil am Rhein (DE).


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