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CSafe Global manufactures and offers a full range of active, passive and cell & gene cold chain packaging solutions designed to thermally protect pharmaceutical and life-science products as they ship to patients across the globe. #TemperatureAssuredLifeEnhanced

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CSafe Global offers a full suite of cold chain shipping solutions and is the only provider of active air cargo solutions as well as passive parcel and cell and gene solutions.

With a robust air cargo container fleet and artificial intelligence lease forecasting system, we can ensure a 100% delivery guarantee on our leased containers. Combined with an unlimited supply of reusable parcel and cell & gene packaging, and 24/7 customer and technical service, CSafe is well-positioned to be your partner of choice for the cold chain.

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CSafe Global - Corporate Headquarters
2900 Dryden Road
45439 Dayton, OH

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 Thomas Lewin

Thomas Lewin

Director Life Sciences Sales

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 Gidius van den Eng

Gidius van den Eng

Senior Director Global Passive Parcel

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