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The IMagO concept, based on an innovative integrable magnetic micropump, allows to integrate, miniaturize and automate your fluidic protocols and microfluidics (dosing, mixing, cell culture, lab/organ on chip, point of care diagnostics ...).

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Lab-on-a-chip and microfluidics technologies are increasingly used in the biomedical sector as it enables the miniaturization, automation and improvement of many processes. However, small-scale fluid management is still complex and remains a barrier to the development of these systems.

IMagO Fluidics (Intelligent Magnetic Object for Fluidics) offers a simplifying fluid management solution for lab-on-a-chip, making design, manufacturing and use of the system easier. It is based on the patented MAGgot pump, a wireless magnetic micro-pump.

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Phd Victor Vieille

Phd Victor Vieille


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