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bioMérieux (Suisse) S.A.

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BioMérieux is a multi-generation solution provider of microbiological testing systems. As a global pioneer with an unrelenting spirit to improve upon public health and safety, our mission is to provide food and pharmaceutical industries with innovative, precise technologies.

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BioMérieux’s industrial microbiology unit was founded with the intention of improving product health and safety by becoming the top choice in microbiology testing solutions.

Our vision is to continually improve upon public health. Having more than 50 years of experience with successful microbiology testing solutions, we understand that product manufacturers face multifaceted challenges in maintaining product safety and quality, especially for our highly connected global system.

Our field application specialists and professionals in the scientific affairs and Research & development departments work directly with customers to provide cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions that maintain your brand reputation as well as improve your bottom line.

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bioMerieux Deutschland GmbH
Weberstrasse 8
72622 Nürtingen

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