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For 40 years, Axel Semrau has been active in sales and support of special solutions for sample preparation and chromatography. The focus is on efficient automation in the laboratory. Hardware of renowned manufacturers as well as own hardware and software are integrated into the all-in-one solutions.

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About us

For 40 years, the medium-sized and owner-managed company Axel Semrau has been active in the sale and support of special solutions for sample preparation and chromatography. The focus is on efficient automation in the laboratory. Axel Semrau integrates hardware and software of well-known manufacturers or own developments in complete solutions.

This enables, in particular, a time-efficient design of the processes. Therefore, the heart of the automation, the software CHRONOS, was named after the god of time. The automation solutions are managed under the brand name CHRONECT. This is composed of the name of the software and the English term "to connect".

New device components and applications are developed by experienced employees together with leading manufacturers and customers and are therefore strongly application-oriented.

Especially for food analysis, reliable systems have been developed for routine applications, for example to determine the content of MCPD, FAMEs or glyphosate in food. Already in 2010, the sample preparation and analysis of MOSH/MOAH was fully automated and has been continuously developed since then.

The CHRONECT Workstations are pre-installed at Axel Semrau and checked during an extensive Factory Acceptance Test. This test run is repeated after the installation in the context of a Site Acceptance Test in the customer laboratory. This guarantees that the system is ready for use immediately after installation.

Therefore, we can say with pride: "We sense good chemistry!"

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