Wednesday, 20. October 2021 | 16:10 - 16:40


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«Bio-inspired strategies across multiple scales: ....»

Title:«Bio-inspired strategies across multiple scales: application to overall CO2 reduction» Prof. Victor Mougel, ETH Zurich,

Selective electrochemical reduction of CO2 into energy-dense organic compounds is a promising strategy for using CO2 as a carbon source. However, efficient and selective earth abundant metal catalysts for the two reactions typically required for efficient overall CO2 electrolysis, namely the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and CO2 reduction, are still scarce. We will present here an array of strategies inspired from biological systems to promote these reactions with high selectivity and efficiency. The importance of tackling these challenging reaction at multiple scale will be illustrated by a series of molecular and heterogeneous catalysts replicating enzymatic features, from their active sites including secondary features such as hydrophilic and hydrophobic domains to the overall shape of organs involved in gas trapping.[1-6] 


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