ILMAC event platform and ILMAC community

Digital extension of ILMAC and further advertising opportunities

Visitor behaviour nowadays is online-offline-online. To make sure you can reach visitors in the optimum manner at all the different touchpoints we are extending the trade fair to the digital world:


Active research prior to the fair

ILMAC Event platform


In-person meetings

ILMAC fair


Stay up-to-date passively.

ILMAC Community


ILMAC Event platform

On the ILMAC Event platform, you present your exhibits in posts. Your posts reach the visitors in the various themed pages (Example), the powerful search function, in personalised recommendations and via “more exciting posts” beneath each post.

Experience has shown that each post generates an average of 1,000 to 2,000 impressions, 100 – 200 views and 10 – 30 interactions.

The more posts you publish, the greater your visibility will be. We recommend:

  • Large exhibitors: 10 – 15 posts
  • Medium-sized exhibitors: 5 – 10 posts
  • Small exhibitors: 3 – 5 posts

Three posts are included in your participation in the trade fair. You can book additional posts (per post CHF 200.-) either when you register or afterwards with Conteo.

Book posts at registration

Book posts with Conteo



ILMAC Community

The ILMAC Community now networks the industry 365 days each year and generates two to three times more visitors than the event platform prior to the fair. All ILMAC visitors set up an ILMAC Community account.

You can publish posts throughout the year on the ILMAC Community platform and reach visitors in a targeted manner. Each post is shown in the personalised news feed and on the themed pages (Example), as well as being sent to interested visitors in the newsletter and shared on social media.

The following options are open to you for ensuring that the visitors you had personal contact with at ILMAC continue to hear from you after the trade fair too:

  • Media Package Standard: this gives you a basic presence on the ILMAC Community platform. All your trade fair posts will automatically be published on the ILMAC Community platform too, sent out in the newsletter and kept online after the trade fair.
    • Important for exhibitors who registered before July 2021: add the ILMAC Community option to your media package for CHF 400 (not included as standard).
  • Your content on the ILMAC Community: our content team monitors your online channels and publishes six suitable posts per year for CHF 1900.
  • Content production for the ILMAC Community: our copywriters compile four posts for the ILMAC Community platform on the basis of a telephone interview, for CHF 2,500 per year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be right at the forefront when the ILMAC Community is launched: be a Presenting Partner of the ILMAC Community (limited): as a Presenting Partner, you get everything from “Your content on the ILMAC Community platform”, plus an attractive presence at the launch activities and a logo presence at the trade fair. All of this for only CHF 2500 per year.

Book package at registration

Book package with Conteo



Further options available at the trade fair

  • Logo presence at the trade fair: logo on the hall plan, in the pocket guide, on the information pillars and on the LED screens at the entrance for CHF 1,500.
  • Video pitch: production of a short video on your trade fair stand (60 – 90 seconds) for CHF 500.
  • You will find more on-site advertising options in the Advertising Options factsheet.


Exhibitor Webinar: All the info you need

Learn all the info you need about the ILMAC event platform and community in the recording of our 07/14/2021 webinar:



Please note: where you can place your order

You can select and order the services directly when you register.
If you are already an exhibitor, you can also order the services subsequently without any problems. They can be ordered with Conteo.




The ILMAC Event platform and ILMAC Community platform are based on platform technology from Conteo, which is already being used for a large number of trade fairs. Das Conteo Content Team will support you to ensure that you achieve the best possible digital presentation.

ILMAC Trade Fair Team: T +41 58 206 23 70 |

Conteo Content Team:  T +41 44 552 44 64 |