zenoTOF 7600: Welcome to the Zeno revolution

Driven by the power of the Zeno trap coupled with EAD fragmentation technology, this fragment-centric revolution unlocks sensitivity gains allowing you to uncover new information for certainty in your results to make better-informed decisions, faster.

Zeno trap and EAD. A powerful combination of unparalleled MS/MS sensitivity and a step-change in fragmentation technology. Together they provide the ability to acquire key MS/MS features needed to:

  • Characterize large molecules including post-translational modifications
  • Elucidate positional isomers on small molecules and lipids
  • Identify and quantify proteins and peptides at unparalleled speed

Overcome QTOF MS/MS duty cycle deficiencies:

  • >90% ions injected into the TOF
  • Sensitivity gains of up to 5-20X with Zeno trap pulsing
  • Identify and quantify low abundance species

Tunable fragmentation of all molecule types

  • Utilize controlled electron activated dissociation (EAD)

MS/MS scan rates of up to 133Hz

  • Improved DDA and High resolution MRMHR

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