The pharmaceutical world is very strict. It is therefore important that all materials are of the highest quality. That is why Aseptconn has exclusive representation of several renowned companies. In this way we can meet the requirements and needs of all our customers.

In our product range you can find different valves. Each one has a specific use - please contact us so that we can advise you to optimize your production.

We have exclusive representation of: 

  • Merck Millipore / Novaseptic
  • PBM Valves solution 
  • ITT 
  • Steriflow
  • Jordanvalve 

In the picture gallery you can find a short presentation of products we offer 


STERIFLOW Pressure Reducing Valve Configuration

The STERIFLOW pressure reducing valves can also be configured to suit individual customer processes and applications. Start your configuration.


Please visit our website for more information.

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