User-centred effortless Design of Experiments (DoE): STAVEX

User-centred expert system for Design of Experiments (DoE) without effort: The web-based software tool STAVEX 6.0 and its optimised workflow make the application of DoE as easy as booking a hotel.

What is STAVEX?

The user-friendly expert system STAVEX for DoE has been developed to enable scientists - even without advanced statistical knowledge - to easily develop efficient experimental designs and hence to reduce experimentation to what is really necessary. The STAVEX workflow guides the user through a cycle which integrates the definition of the parameters to study, the construction of the experimental design, the statistical analysis of the results and their interpretation. As for methods, STAVEX implements a large variety of designs (both for process optimization and for formulation optimization) as well as a multitude of analysis methods and graphical representations. Besides, the expert has various possibilities to adapt the procedure to his needs. Thanks to this thorough functionality, STAVEX can be used in very many different situations: STAVEX is now used by more than 200 companies of the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

The totally new version 6.0

STAVEX 6.0 is the first web-based expert system for DoE. It runs on one of your company’s servers (i.e. on the Intranet), and you access it with your standard web browser. Therefore the look and feel resembles a mobile app, although it is a full-grown statistical DoE tool which covers everything from the initial screening to the final optimisation.

Retaining the user-friendliness of the original STAVEX

Already the earlier versions of STAVEX were known for their ease of use. It is an expert system, supporting the users in every step of a DoE project, from the initial screening to a final optimisation. Novice users benefit from the software’s recommendations, but expert users may flexibly adapt the settings to their needs.

  • Even complex real-life situations can be analysed easily.
  • For visualising the results a multitude of graphics are available, and reporting is flexible yet simple.
  • As the underlying statistical concept is independent of the application, the tool can be used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical or food industry.
  • STAVEX 6.0 runs under Windows 7 to 10 and is available in four languages.

Streamlined to obtain the smoothest workflow possible

For the new version 6.0, AICOS Technologies has completely redesigned its already very user-friendly DoE software tool STAVEX. Incorporating the latest findings on user experience through a joint research study with the University of Basel, the user’s effort is reduced to a minimum. This makes it the ideal tool also for those who only face DoE once in a while. The low-threshold access ensures that the company’s employees will actually do DoE!

  • Everything which is not essential to the workflow has been moved to separate specialised tabs.
  • The project management facilities have been enlarged and enhanced. This concerns managing of multiple projects, sharing with colleagues, better access to software options, as well as the user management for administrators.
  • The design rating has become more transparent: The rating is shown on a 1 to 10 scale; detailed additional information on the design is still available.

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