Unlock what your instrument has to offer through training

PerkinElmer has options to suit every student. From new user courses in a traditional classroom environment at our Centers of excellence, to a customized troubleshooting training by our experience scientists in the comfort of your own lab. PerkinElmer has a training that is right for you.

Through education, you will gain knowledge and insights into the latest techniques, not only increasing your confidence, but also unlocking the full potential of your PerkinElmer instrument or generic application or regulation fundamentals.

With Optimization Training & Applications, you’ll benefit from:​

  • Expert, consultative training from Field Application Scientists who can help solve tough challenges​
  • Accelerating your research by learning to operate your instrument to its potential​
  • Tips and techniques that will save you time​

Areas Covered:​

  • In-depth instrument operations​
  • Detailed software operations
  • Method optimization​
  • Specific applications & troubleshooting​

Options for 1–5 days of training are available at your site or in our Acadamy. Please contact us to discuss other training needs.​

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