Ultra-micro sample-volume spectrometer cell TrayCell 2.0

The TrayCell 2.0 is a further development of Hellma’s successful ultra-micro sample-volume spectrometer cell TrayCell® which is an innovative solution for the UV/Vis based DNA and protein analysis.

The TrayCell 2.0 is a fibre optic measuring cell for UV/Vis based microvolume analysis (0.7 µl to 10 µl) for DNA & Proteins.

The measuring cell can be used in the most common spectrophotometers with a standard cell holder. Therefore, it is an excellent complement to an existing UV/Vis spectrophotometer. For measurements different light path lids are available, which can be changed easily and quickly. The TrayCell 2.0 can remain in the cell holder and doesn’t need to be readjusted. This also guarantees an excellent reproducibility of the measured values.

The enhanced version of the TrayCell 2.0 is a reliable product with proven Hellma quality and precision and now offers the user even more advantages:

  • Easier handling when changing samples and faster sequence of multiple measurements thanks to the patented functional principle with internal light guides
  • No need to dilute samples and no follow-up costs caused by wear of mechanical parts due to the use of different path length lids (virtual dilution factor)
  • Samples can be reused by pipetting them back
  • The deepened measuring window now also allows the measurement of samples with a low surface tension
  • Easier cleaning and quick change of samples thanks to the PTFE-coated measuring head
  • Optimal reproducibility of measured values due to the TrayCell 2.0 remaining in the cuvette holder for several measurements and the absence of moving parts
  • Minimization of application errors through very simple handling

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Here you will find everything you need to know about the TrayCell 2.0 from Hellma

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