Tyvek® Cargo Covers Distributor Switzerland

Tyvek® Cargo Covers are used to protect a wide variety of healthcare products worldwide including: controlled room temperature (CRT) and 2° to 8°C pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemicals, and medical devices. Validated in a wide variety of applications worldwide.

We provide different qualities and dimensions of Air Cargo Cover products at even small quantities to customers requiring protection of temperature sensitive products during storage and transport.

All of our customers, acting in the industry fields of pharma / life science are more than happy since they started to use DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers. The number of claims due to temperature excursion are simply reduced to zero.

Tyvek Cargo Covers protect your products against following perils:

  • Solar Radiation
  • Ambient Temperature Extremes
  • Heat Generated by Respiring Perishables
  • Physical Hazards, Including Pests
  • Support Normal Respiration While Venting Harmful Gases & Vapors
  • Theft & Security

We sell 3 Levels of Quality Products of DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers to meet your quality requirements:

  1. Tyvek® Solar™ W10 Cargo Covers
  2. Tyvek® Solar™ W20 Cargo Covers
  3. Tyvek® Xtreme™ W50 Cargo Covers


For more information, watch our video.

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