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Trouble free workflow with high quality Storage Vials

Avoid additional working hours in the laboratory by using our premium quality Storage Vials with their intelligent packaging. infochroma Storage Vials are available in clear- or amber glass, dozens of dimensions, closures with our without centre hole in 6 colours and of consistent high quality.

Much can go wrong when handling glass vials: When filling the vial with sample, the glass vial slips from the hand and shatters into a thousand pieces; Valuable sample is lost because the cap leaked after the vial fell over in the fridge; The analysis does not show the expected result because the glass of the vial or the production process were of inferior quality and so on.

Sample vials are consumables: despite - or precisely for that reason - it is worthwhile to place great value on good quality and practical features. An efficient workflow is only achievable with the appropriate working material.   

infochroma’s Storage Vials are produced from borosilicate glass of 1. hydrolytical class by Schott (Fiolx/Durobax). It features excellent chemical resistance, neutrality, density and stability. 

Our Storage Vial range comprises six different diameters. Besides standard sizes, each diameter is available in in-between sizes. A 10 ml Storage Vial for example is available in a high and narrow dimension as well as in two short dimensions with larger diameter and therefore a wider vial opening. For all dimensions, we have chosen a higher wall thickness to increase the fracture strength of our Storage Vials.

We have chosen a high quality and recyclable sleeve box with a grid divider for packing our Storage Vials. Being of multiple use, these sleeve boxes may be used for storing samples at room temperature as well as in the fridge or freezer.

Our Storage Vials are sold with their closures attached. Closures are available in six different colours regardless of the chosen vial diameter and allow the easy distinguishing of various samples by colour. In the course of the next months, the current polypropylene and melamine closures will be replaced by such made from glass fibre enforced polyamide (PA6 GF). In comparison to polypropylene, PA6 GF closures show improved temperature stability and tightening torque. For further improvement, the PTFE liner is simply inserted instead of glued in, especially an advantage at higher temperature where the glue may have caused problems.

Red closures are also available with inserted silicone/PTFE septum. The advantage of this closure/septum combination is that silicone keeps its good sealing qualities at low as well as at high temperature. (tested range -30 / +185°C)

Requiring closures with centre hole? Our Septum Vials are available in identical diversity, quality and packaging. Silicone septums with different thicknesses where required and six closure colours for all available vial diameters are standard. 

Profit from all these advantages and experience excellent service and supply capability thanks to a large inventory. In brief experience our motto: Quality - Crystal Clear!

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