THETIS The first anisotropic Nano-Particle Size Analyzer

An innovating approach to the Anisotropic Particle Size Analysis based on Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering (D-DLS). For the very first time, an instrument allows to measure easily length and width of anisotropic nanoparticles in the colloidal suspension.

THETIS, the latest nano-particle size analyzer from Cordouan Technologies represents a new step in the DLS technique for nano-particle size analysis. For the very first time, an instrument allows to measure easily length and width of anisotropic nanoparticles in the colloidal suspension.



Advanced materials need more sophisticated nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes or graphene, allowing the next generation of electrical transmitters.

Hybrids nanoparticles are a promising solution for new materials properties, enhancing efficiency for specific properties or combining various properties.

Mastering these new anisotropic nanoparticles is essential for the development of such new materials.

On another hand, viruses and proteins are showing anisotropic characteristics that need to be measured precisely.



The nano-particle size analyzer THETIS uses a novel Dynamic Light Scattering technique: the Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering. Based on the analysis of scattered light fluctuations caused by the Brownian motion of particles and controlling the polarization state of the laser beam, D-DLS is very powerful technique of choice in colloidal sciences. It allows accurate particle size measurements from one nanometer up to a few microns in few seconds.

The instrument uses a high resolution multi-angle system allowing measuring scattering light intensity from 30 degrees to 160 degrees on both polarization modes. On each mode, a correlogram is built leading to the analysis of the complete size of your anisotropic nanoparticles.

A highly sensitive single photon Avalanche Photodiode Detector (APD) - connected to a dedicated fast acquisition electronic board - monitors the fluctuations of scattered light intensity in real time. The intensity of the light is registered for time-resolved analysis during and after measurements. 



Combining Time resolved technique and polarization controlling, Thetis can measure precisely both translational and rotational Diffusion coefficient leading to the calculation of the length and the width of your nanoparticles. A patented strong analytical method allows calculating these values. 

With Thetis, Cordouan is increasing its instrument portfolio and can now offer a complete solution for most nanoparticles characterization needs. From the classical Vasco dedicated to dark samples, to The Vasco Kin dedicated to kinetic measurements or the AMERIGO for combining both Zeta potential and DLS measurement.


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