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The Swiss platform for lab supplies

LabFinder revolutionizes the search for suppliers for your lab. Find and contact suitable suppliers with ease in a single step. Save time and optimize your process.

With LabFinder, you can identify product and brand-related suppliers for your laboratory in no time at all.

Use LabFinder free of charge and solve a major challenge, namely the time-consuming search for individual suppliers, followed by the laborious process of contacting them through a wide variety of channels. 

Contact a single or multiple suppliers through LabFinder, get advice and find the most optimal product or offer for your needs.

Suppliers reach a large audience with LabFinder and manage their profile and assortment through their account independently and without high marketing costs.

More than 450 product categories and over 2100 laboratory brands are available on LabFinder in German, English and French. 

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