The revolutionary platform for laboratory supplies

LabFinder revolutionizes the search for suppliers for your laboratory: In one single step, you can easily find and contact suitable suppliers. Use LabFinder, save time and optimize your processes.

LabFinder creates a central market platform for laboratories and other users of laboratory equipment. With just a few clicks, you can find product- and brand-related suppliers and contact them in one single step - while suppliers reach a larger audience for their products thanks to LabFinder.

The time-consuming search for individual suppliers is a thing of the past thanks to LabFinder. It also eliminates the need for laborious contacting of the different suppliers through a wide variety of channels.

More than 420 product categories and over 2100 laboratory brands are available for selection on LabFinder - in the languages German, English and French.

For users:

Laboratories, lab technicians, buyers and other lab-related people use LabFinder completely free of charge to search for suppliers for their individual needs and contact them directly in one single step.

This way, you can see at a glance who can supply you with the product or brand you are looking for.

And this is how it works: You enter your request and select who you want to send it to - that's it.

Each of the suppliers you select, receives the request directly and without delay. 

For the best possible advice, LabFinder enables personal contact. Therefore, feedback is provided by the suppliers themselves to discuss further needs or offers.

Thereby not even a registration is necessary. Use LabFinder as a guest or create your own user account in just one minute with all the other benefits that come with it. 
Our service is available to you free of charge.

For suppliers:

With LabFinder, you are always on the radar of your potential customers.

Based on your product portfolio, you will be suggested as a supplier for the corresponding product categories and brands and receive all inquiries directly and immediately.

As soon as you are activated as a supplier, you get access to your own password-protected supplier account and are unlocked for all available functions.

You can manage your profile independently and have access to your requests as well as to further monitoring functions.


Not yet on LabFinder? Register now. 

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The novelty - LabFinder SHOP

In September 2021, just in time for ILMAC, LabFinder will introduce the LabFinder SHOP, another milestone that sets new standards.

The LabFinder SHOP not only displays the product and offer information of the individual suppliers in detail, but also offers the possibility of a direct offer request at the same time.

As a user, you can get information about the product thanks to the individually selected details and send a quote request directly to the supplier. 

Even more: If required, you can fill your shopping cart with different products from several suppliers. LabFinder takes care of distributing the individual requests directly and automatically to the respective suppliers.

Products can be entered and managed by the suppliers independently via the profile account.


Visit LabFinder now and get started!

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