The ILMAC Search Engine

We perform a Google search just on ILMAC Exhibitors domains and rank/render results in a custom way. We also search over the internal search system of the web pages of the exhibitors.

What exhibitors are covered?

All ILMAC 2020 (Lausanne) and ILMAC 2021 (Basel) exhibitors.

How does it differ from a standard Google search?

  • We restrict the scope of the search to only ILMAC exhibitor domains.
  • Links for a given exhibitor are grouped. That means you get only one link per exhibitor.
    The advantage is that you dont loose relevant exhibitors or webpages.
    In Google you find from 20 links on the first page only few, potentially identical, exhibitors,
    but you will miss many others. 
    Similar you might miss relevant hits for a given exhibitor.
  • Together with the Google results we also (if possible) show results using the exhibitors internal website search.
  • If possible, internal website search results are shown in English, German and French.

When should I use this?

  • You want to find an arbitrary term in the ILMAC exhibitors webpages.
  • You look for an all purpose ILMAC search, not just right before or after the ILMAC trade.
  • You do not find any or only few hits for your query using other search systems.

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