Teqwave H - Inline liquid analysis in real time

With Teqwave H, users in the food and beverage industry can reliably analyze and monitor liquids. For example, the sugar content in fruit juices and spirits or the concentration of cleaning agents can be determined.


Inline device with first-class hygienic design - plug and play for food and beverage processes

With its hygienic design, Teqwave H meets the highest quality standards. Thanks to state-of-the-art algorithms and a flexible application concept, optimal process control is guaranteed even with changing batches.



  • Cost-saving - a single sensor for measuring a wide range of concentrations
  • Hygienic - meets highest demands thanks to easy-to-clean full-bore design. Can also be used in CIP applications.
  • Safe - process transparency through constant inline monitoring of product quality without sampling
  • Clever - state-of-the-art algorithms for excellent measured values even with complex concentration calculations
  • Maintenance-free - no wearing parts, no risk of drift and no need for recalibration
  • Unique - direct measurement and display of interfering variables such as particles and gas bubbles

In-process liquid analysis with Teqwave H offers many advantages. Thanks to concentration data sets for the most common beverages and cleaning agents, the same sensor can be used for batch changes without reprogramming. In addition, it is also possible to read in other parameters, such as acidity. Thanks to state-of-the-art algorithms, Teqwave H uses this information to calculate the concentration even more accurately. Teqwave H guarantees reliable processes and real-time product quality transparency.


Concentration decisive for product quality

Teqwave H can be used flexibly in various applications thanks to its many measurement variables. In soft drink and fruit juice production, the device ensures reliable product quality by reliably determining sugar and invert sugar content. In the production of spirits, it ensures a consistent alcohol content. It also measures the sugar content in parallel. Teqwave H also monitors various concentrations when cleaning equipment or bottles and supports accurate dosing of cleaning agents. Cleaning agents can be changed easily without recalibration.

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