Synthesis / Chromatography

From synthesis to purification, you will find a wide range of equipment that will enable you to run your laboratory even more efficiently. Laboratory reactor systems or parallel synthesis instruments with 4 independent reaction zones. Fast, automated preparative HPLC systems and also SFC systems.


Radleys develops its parallel synthesis equipment with a focus on customer needs, because they know that scientists are always looking to do their work more efficiently. Radleys innovative products enable more productive chemistry that is safe, sustainable, clean and exciting. A highlight from Radleys is the Radleys compact 4 zone reaction system Mya 4, with almost unlimited possibilities; 4 independent zones, with magnetic stirrer and overhead stirrer and a temperature range from -30 °C to 180 °C. 

Other Radleys devices that make everyday laboratory work easier are:

  • the Carousel 6 and Carousel 12 reaction systems with integrated reflux system
  • the Heat-Ons, which eliminate the need for dirty oil baths
  • the Findenser air coolers, which make significant water savings and prevent flooding in the lab.

Learn more about the parallel synthesis devices from Radleys!

In addition to the parallel synthesis devices, Radleys also offers automated laboratory reactor systems from 100 mL to 25L.


After synthesis comes purification

With the new CombiFlash system NextGen 300+ from Teledyne ISCO, purification is fast, efficient and green. In addition to the new NextGen 300+, there are the proven flash chromatography systems EZPrep and Torrent as well as the extensive RediSep column programme.

Further information on the Teledyne ISCO range.

Another highlight in the Teledyne ISCO range is the ACCQ Prep Hp150, the HPLC system that stands for automated and powerful preparative HPLC.

What makes the ACCQ Prep HP150 so attractive?

It is easy and intuitive to use, with all the advantages of a flash system, but the performance of an HPLC system.

  • Faster - New standard methods with high flow rates and steeper gradients speed up purification without sacrificing performance.
  • Greener and more cost-effective - Optimised gradients save solvents
  • Maximum sample recovery
  • Complex integration parameters are eliminated thanks to Peak Trak software

Learn more about the ACCQ Prep HP150 HPLC system!


Further in our assortment you will find: 

  • HTA Autosampler for GC/HPLC and Sample Prep. Automation. 
  •  Sepiatec's preparative separation systems are based on HPLC and SFC technology. 

The latest system from Sepiatec is the Prep SFC 660, the efficient solution for preparative separations.

The Prep SFC 660 system developed by Sepiatec is a powerful solution for preparative separations using supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). The instrument is designed for flow rates of up to 660 ml/min with a modifier content of 40 %.

All the advantages of SFC technology are combined: 

  • Fast separation
  • Lower consumption of organic solvents and thus cost-saving, increased safety and environmentally friendly.
  • Despite its considerable capacity, compact design with dimensions of 150 x 68 x 178 cm (W x D x H)

Find out what else you need to know about the Prep SFC 660 system here.


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