Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency

As an innovator in the temperature-controlled pharma container marketspace since 2013, our combination of hardware and software significantly improves visibility into the global supply chain. Now, we’ve launched a new SaaS platform, SkyCell SECURE, enhancing the optimization of pharma supply chains.

SkyCell SECURE is a comprehensive global platform that brings complete visibility and transparency to modern supply chains. To take on the key issues that undermine supply chain efficiency, we have integrated the four following features into the platform:

  1. Product release acceleration - Faster time to market helps delivery of medicines to patients in a timely manner, improves cash flow, reduces admin work for employees, and shortens the workflow to minutes.
  2. Counterfeit and theft detection - Automate the detection of damage or unauthorized access with SkyCell's SECURE image comparison features to ensure that investigations can be initiated straight away if damage or tampering is detected.
  3. Visibility and corrective actions - Detect temperature excursions before the shipment has arrived at the destination and take immediate action, such as sending an additional pallet or starting an investigation.
  4. Single source of historical shipment data - The analysis function of the SkyCell SECURE platform highlights systematic risks and problems in order to identify measures to improve lanes.

SkyCell SECURE is also interoperable across different modes of transport from truck to ship to air freight, making it suitable for different container and packaging solutions, and ready to fully optimize supply chains.

As a strategic partner, SkyCell focuses on bringing new solutions to the market that further help our clients safely, securely and sustainably ship pharma around the world.

Find out more on SkyCell's software portfolio:

Shipment Monitoring Service : Gain visibility and control over every shipment.

Risk Management: Assess risk through advanced lane simulations and data analysis.

SkyCell SECURE: Our SECURE platform brings transparency and visibility to your supply chain.

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