Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR Advance – Smart into the future

The spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR Advance combines the most important features of our portable compact photometers and our high-precision spectrophotometers. Experience outstanding user-friendliness combined with high-quality results.

Operate the NANOCOLOR Advance like your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the intuitive and icon-based menu navigation. This device provides precise and reliable measurement results in the daily laboratory routine. As a spectrophotometer it covers the wavelength spectrum from 340 - 800 nm and enables the measurement of all photometrically evaluable test kits from MACHEREY-NAGEL. Thanks to its rechargeable battery it can be used mobile and universally in all areas of water and waste water analysis. The data export is done directly via the integrated interfaces. Be prepared for future requirements. You do not need any additional accessories for the data export. Connect USB stick – export data – open on computer. Simple and reliable routine analysis by fully automatic cell recognition via the integrated 2D barcode scanner. The fast selection of the test method and the correct wavelength allows almost contactless operation.

The NANOCOLOR Advance is the first photometer from MACHEREY-NAGEL with a 24 mm cuvette slot and thus extends the options for all areas of water analysis to a maximum. In addition to the tube tests and standard tests, the test kits from our VISOCOLOR ECO and VISOCOLOR Powder Pillow range can also be evaluated.

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