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Spectrometric solutions for all applications!

Whether you want to identify reactants and products quickly and efficiently or control and optimise your processes, we offer you a reliable spectroscopic solution for all areas with our devices from tec5 and Serstech.

Small enough to fit in your pocket - big enough to redefine Raman

For the rapid and unambiguous identification of unknown hazardous substances. Used worldwide by authorities and organisations with security tasks such as the police, fire brigade, customs and various armed forces. Furthermore, the handheld Raman device can be used for the rapid and unambiguous identification of products in the pharmaceutical sector according to 21 CFR Part 11.

  • The effortless identification of substances thanks to SharpEyeTM, a patented auto focus technology for handheld Raman, greatly simplifies your workflow.
  • SharpEyeTM can automatically detect the difference between container and substance, resulting in improved measurement results.
  • The advanced software and the brand-new graphical user interface make operation and navigation very easy.
  • Serstech Arx is lighter and smaller than other models on the market - and even more powerful.


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Designed for real-time embedded spectroscopy

The CompactSpec® EMB spectrometer system with embedded electronics is capable towithstand the harsh conditions of industrial production environments, making it ideal for process control.

  • Robust, stand-alone system for operation on site, in production and integrated into machines
  • Integrated IT security concept
  • Maintenance-free, extremely stable spectrometer module without moving parts.
  • Protection against dust and splash water in accordance with IP65


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