SolDoc - How to better manage GMP physical archives?

How to shorten and optimize document search time, in general or during audits? This solution was created for our customer. Together, after long discussions and analysis, we developed a a system using RFID technology, to automate the borrowing and return of archives.


How to better manage the archives was one of our clients concerns.

Although they were already equipped with an EDM system, it was not optimal for archive management. They needed a system that would allow them to:

  • Optimize search times in general and during audits
  • To make information about the archives available to all concerned
  • Better monitoring (borrowing time) and more security (access authorization)

This solution was created for our customer. Together, after long discussions, analysis and brainstorming, we developed a practical model that exactly met their needs, while taking into account feasibility, timing and pricing. Our client wanted a solution that was easy to install and user friendly.

After examining the different identification possibilities, we chose the RFID technology to automate the borrowing and return of archives. This technology eliminates the need for manual transcription and improves security and processes.   

Users can borrow or return records easily on RFID loan terminals consisting of:

  • an RFID antenna, to identify the user and the archive 
  • a tablet with an application, for the user's operation/action

Our system also includes:

  • a web portal accessible throughout the company with all the information about the archives
  • a mobile application on a PDA to assist the administrator with tasks such as archive inventory, archive transfer or other
  • an RFID portal, directly on the archive room door, which detects archives leaving without authorization

Other features are also available:

  • Customized reports
  • Alert functions
  • Archive reservations
  • Archive destruction workflow
  • And many more 

Solid took up the challenge and has simpliyified the client’s life !

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