Socorex Service Center

The Socorex Service Center provides reliable repair and calibration services for all brands of micropipettes and dispensers in its accredited facilities.

Service Center for liquid handling instruments

From basic repair to GLP requirements, the Socorex Service Center provides fast and reliable maintenance and calibrations for pipettes and dispensers of all brands. Its excellence is based on a long-term experience in manufacturing precision liquid handling instruments.

Whatever the maintenance level needed, Socorex has the appropriate answer, including customized solutions when required. Work is done efficiently with lead times of three to five working days or 48 hours using the “express service”.

Accredited by the Swiss Calibration Services (SCS) of the Federal Office for Metrology, the Socorex service laboratory performs calibrations in full compliance with ISO 17025 and delivers internationally recognized  certificates.

For more information, contact your Socorex distributor or check our website

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