SERTO Selection–the best choice for UHP and HP applications

SERTO has developed the Selection product range to meet the highest requirements for tightness and cleanliness in stainless steel connecting components. SERTO Selection stands for ultrasonically cleaned, lubricant-free stainless steel connections with electropolished surfaces and no dead space.

Is the purity of the components very important to you? Do you need lubricant-free stainless steel connections or do you have stringent demands in terms of tightness? Do you use orbital welded or internally electropolished tubes? Then SERTO Selection is exactly the right choice for you.

The SERTO Selection consists of two product families:

  • Ultra High Purity (UHP) – Orbital welded connection / union
  • High Purity (HP) – Compression ferrule union

The UHP product range is a new development. It includes the union nut made of Nitronic®60, electropolished weld-on nipple made of stainless steel 1.4404 with PTFE or silver coating, the union body, also made of electropolished stainless steel 1.4404, as well as the electropolished weld-on elbow and tee.

The coated sealing surfaces are abrasion-free and the dead space-free design prevents dirt from building up on the components. All UHP products have a lasered production code for full traceability. The low leakage rate of 10‑11 mbar x l/s and the high resistance to pressure of up to 500 bar allow a wide range of applications.

The HP product range is based on components from the existing and proven stainless steel range. The union nut made of stainless steel 1.4571 is internally silver plated, the compression ferrule made of 1.4571 is coated with PTFE or with silver, and the union body made of 1.4404/1.4571 is electropolished.

The sealing surfaces of the HP compression ferrules are also very abrasion resistant. The leakage rate is 10‑9 mbar x l/s and the resistance to pressure reaches up to 250 bar.

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